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Job Ref. ID:  50581 
Job Title: Specialist
Division: Supply Chain – Purchase
Work Location: UAE (RAK head office)
Job Type: Purchase - Officer
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: Specialist-Purchase Officer is responsible for the procurement of (Engineering materials, Capital Items, Machines, Laboratories Equipment, Spare parts, Change parts, Diesel, Menacool, Service and Contracts) - Local and Overseas)
Key responsibilities & Accountability: A). Order Processor: 1. To check released new requisition raised daily in SAP system. 2. Check pending requisition list daily in the SAP system. 3. Send enquiries to different suppliers based on the requirement in the purchase requisition. 4. Obtain as much as competitive offer from different supplier. 5. Obtain technical approval from the concerned end user or Head of the Dept. for the received offer from different suppliers. 6. Check the last procurement history price in the system for the repeat order materials. 7. Negotiate the price for the technically approved quotation to the minimum with all suppliers. 8. Make price comparison as per the approved technicality as well as best competitive lowest price and High quality by creating the RFQ in SAP system. 9. Maintain the RFQ by adding the price negotiated. 10. Process the orders in SAP system for procurement committee approval. 11. Follow –up the orders for committee approvals. 12. Check if there is any comment from any of the committee. 13. Reply to the comment from the committee. 14. Transmit the order to the awarded supplier after obtaining complete release of the approving committee. B) Order expeditor: ((Extra Work)) a)- Material delivery Follow-up with suppliers: 1. Requesting suppliers to provide Preformat Invoice after receiving order confirmation 2. Sending Request to Accounts for arrangement of Advance Payment and to open LC based on PO Payment Terms 3. Following up with accounts for Payment of suppliers (Advance and Credit) 4. Sending Swift/LC copy to suppliers and requesting to initiate Julphar order 5. Reviewing copy of shipping documents and identifying any amendment if needed in Invoice or Packing list from suppliers else giving go ahead to send original documents either to Julphar or to Bank based on PO Payment terms 6. Receiving and Sending original documents to Clearance and copy to Accounts 7. Follow up with Clearance Dept. to ensure immediate clearance and smooth delivery. 8. Create the Inbound delivery up-on arrival of the material in Julphar Warehouse or end user on receipt of notification from the Clearance Dept. 9. Follow-up Good Receipts in SAP system with the concerned end user once the material is delivered to concerned. 10. Follow up with the end user for the signed GR if required (Except Packaging & Raw material) 11. Arrange payment by sending the signed GR from the end user or Warehouse and invoice from the supplier. 12. Follow up payment with Accounts as per the P.O. payment terms. 13. Follow any assignment / task related to the department entrusted by the Purchase Manager. 14. Update the system with all data about the delivery, shipping documents and last status in the concerned order / requisition is necessary. 15. Maintain the Filing of all documents in file as required and accessible only by the concerned. 16. To verify and counter check all purchase order through SAP System prepared by sub-ordinate staff. 17. To assist purchase staff in their duties, responsibilities when –ever necessary. 18. To follow any assignment/tasks related to the department entrusted by the Purchase Manager. b) Forwarding Agent 1. Sending Request for Quotation to Freight Forwarders along with Packing list 2. Receiving quotations from forwarders and evaluating on the basis of Price and Lead Time 3. Negotiating price with freight forwarders and finalizing the deal 4. Providing Forwarder details to supplier for shipment collection 5. Following up with Forwarder for shipment c) SAP Related Tasks 1. Updating PO Info Text in SAP time by time in order to make PO up to date with latest information related to deliveries and material availability 2. Creating Inbound Delivery in SAP for each shipment received from suppliers 3. Executing Pending PO reports from system and updating latest information
   - Education Bachelor’s degree in Logistics or Business Administration or any other relevant field
   - Experience: At least 5+ years’ experience in Purchasing. • Proven work experience as a Purchasing Senior Officer or similar role. • Has experience with purchasing software (e.g. Procurify or SpendMap).
   - Training:
Key Competencies: Have solid analytical skills and negotiation skills. • Has the ability to create financial reports and conducts cost analysis. • Excellent oral and written communication skills. • Has positive mind-set. • Has the ability to handle and motivate people. • Must be good in Office Management skills and Records Management Skills. • Knowledgeable for the Report and Document Preparation.  
Technical Competencies: Knowledgeable of vendor sourcing practices (researching, evaluating, and liaising with vendors). > Knowledge in SAP system. • Well-versed with supply chain and purchasing procedures.  


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