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Job Ref. ID:  40367 
Job Title: Production Pharmacist
Division: Technical Operations – Production JVIII
Work Location: UAE (Northern Emirates)
Job Type: Production Pharmacist
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: To Adhere with cGMP principles and to maintain them in an effective manner. Overall organize the machine and line for production and follow the instructions given by the superiors to get the required machine capacity and maximize the machine efficiency.
Key responsibilities & Accountability: * Responsible for supervising production activities that take place in the production. *Check the start-up of all activities in coordination with production supervisor as per the SOP. *Coordinate with all related departments for production/process is as per the standard procedures. *Re-checks the batch processes. *Ensure that master manufacturing formula (MFM) is carried out and report to Production Manager in case of any deviation. *Review and sign in batch documents. Checks all related logbooks and records. Coordinate with maintenance dept. for the execution of preventative maintenance programs and troubleshooting during the breakdown. *Coordinate with Julphar Training center in regard to basic cGMP and on-the-job training requirement. * Checking and reviewing SOPs, MFM in order to comply with cGMP. *reports if there is any unauthorized absenteeism.
   - Education Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
   - Experience: 2 years experience in the same field
   - Training:
Key Competencies: Good oral and written communication skills. Proficient with Computer software and applications. 
Technical Competencies:  


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