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Job Ref. ID:  50386 
Job Title: Engineer - Electronics
Division: Maintenance - Electronics (Non Sterile Area)
Work Location: UAE (RAK head office)
Job Type: Engineer - Electronics
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: Engineer Electronics – the role holder is responsible to adhere with the cGMP principles and to ‎maintain them in an effective manner. ‎ In this role, your responsibilities include interpreting data, providing cost and time estimates, ‎testing systems and writing up improvement plans, evaluating electronic equipment, components, ‎and systems to satisfy business needs. You should have a passion for technology and able to ‎prioritize tasks, solve problems, and deliver work to strict deadlines.‎
Key responsibilities & Accountability: • Responsible to adhere with cGMP principles and maintain them in effective manner and ‎provide engineering support and maintenance activities.‎ • Monitor all safety activities of Engineering Section.‎ • Responsible to keep software backup (PLC, HMI, etc.) for all Production & Packaging ‎machines.‎ • Prepare Preventive Maintenance of all Packaging & Production machines in the assigned ‎area.‎ • Responsible for the overhauling and up grading of old machines, if required.‎ • Ensure the Maintenance of each equipment is carried out as per the Support ‎Recommendation and Instruction manual.‎ • Work on Breakdown by Regular Inspection and Implementation in each related ‎equipment.‎ • Responsible for the Breakdown, Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance of ‎all related equipment.‎ • Generate work Completion report, Log Books and Daily Activity Reports.‎ • Complete Log Books of all Maintenance (Breakdown & Preventive Maintenance) carried ‎out on each equipment for future reference • Check the daily notifications and Job Orders from the SAP Coordinator.‎ • Coordinate with SAP Coordinator to complete the all pending notifications from different ‎Users and Preventive Maintenance.‎ • Provide technical support and training on new equipment and ensure timely completion of ‎training.‎ • Assist and support other departments and define specifications related to equipment, ‎components and systems.‎
   - Education • ‎4 years Bachelor’s degree in Technology Engineering.‎
   - Experience: • At least 5-6 years’ experience in similar organization in Pharmaceutical is preferred, Food ‎Industries/ any other related electronics/ automation
   - Training:
Key Competencies: • In terms of competency you are highly result oriented with strong sense of accountability ‎& ownership.‎ • High on Compliance with strong implementation skills and should be self-starter who ‎needs limited supervision • Must be a resourceful problem solvers and must possess strong ability to work effectively ‎under pressure and meet established deadlines.‎ • Good communication, interpersonal and collaboration skills required.‎ • Flexibility and adaptability to execute the needs of the department.‎ • Ability to understand new issues and strong agility on taking right decisions.‎ • Demonstrated ability in working independently and as part of a team • Ability to meet attendance standards. At times it may be necessary to work additional ‎hours in order to accomplish the required tasks to meet deadlines 
Technical Competencies: • Technical certifications: - Electronics/Electrical Industrial Automation • Good knowledge in PLC/HMI and machines maint & Troubleshooting • GED (Good Engineering Documents): - Strong knowledge of engineering and maint ‎documents.‎ • Preventive/corrective maintenance: - knowledge of PM/CM planning/scheduling & ‎implementation including planned & unplanned maintenance concept.‎ • Critical Spare Parts Control: - knowledge of spare parts inventory, ordering and ‎maintaining the min. reorder level.‎ • Strong command in English (communicating, writing and speaking).‎ • Professional in MS Office (MS Excel and MS Word, etc.).‎ 


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