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Job Ref. ID:  20120 
Job Title: HR Coordinator
Division: HUMAN RESOURCES (Personnel, recruitment, Labor Law, Julphat Training center)
Work Location: UAE (RAK head office)
Job Type: Administrator
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: As a HR Coordinator, you will work under the HR director or manager. Your main task and responsibility with be to address issues raised by current employees and new-hires, organizing and scheduling orientations/interviews, and coordinating other HR functions such as Recruitment, Performance Management, training and development.
Key responsibilities & Accountability: Coordinate employee recruitment process, as appropriates, ensuring search documentation is accurate, consistent and complete.
Follow up and coordinate the recruitment status update report from the HR Administrator.
Monitor and ensure that all joining forms of newly hired employees are submitted to the HR Administrator.
Coordinate departmental employee relation functions in consultation with the HR and monitor employee performance appraisal completions.
Maintains a detailed record of the turnover, and researches and formulates strategies which effectively aid in employee retention.
Helps employees and their managers in performance and disciplinary matters as required.
Coordinate and assist the HR for the conception or revision of Human Resources Policies as required.
Prepares confirmation of employment letter as required by the HR.
Assist the HR for any HR Announcement and correspondence letters as required.
Coordinate leave requirements from the employee and/or department head as required.
Assist the HR for the conception of HR Bulletin issued quarterly and coordinate with the Design department.
Prepare and complete the monthly Human Resources report and other reports as required.
Participate and coordinate with the recruitment team in development of HR Forms as required.
Performs other general duties for the HR department as required.
   - Education - Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or equivalent.
   - Experience: - 2-3 working experience in the same field.
- Pharma background is a must.
   - Training:
   - Specialized Knowledge and Skills: - Solid knowledge of basic HR and employment laws and regulations
- Proficient in English.
- Proficient in Microsoft Office Skills Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
- Proficient coordination and Multi-tasking skills
- Collaborative, and creative thinking
- Results-oriented and with positive attitude.
- Excellent customer service skills
- Positive and professional interpersonal skills
- Excellent communication skills for both written and oral
- Self-motivated and can encourage team members.
- Excellent organization and prioritization skills
- Recruitment and interviewing skills.
- Time management skills
- Persistence, dedicated and self motivated.
- Positive mind-set.
- Must be able to work independently
- Agility and adaptability able to adjust to any situation
- Excellent decision making skills
Key Competencies:


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