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Job Ref. ID:  20116 
Job Title: Data Analyst
Division: Sales & Marketing
Work Location: Saudi Arabia
Job Type: Data Analyst
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: The Data Analyst is responsible for processing, validating, connecting, and maintaining the accuracy and quality of accounts data with actions that can helps improve and drive the business impact. He is assigned to explore data, practice it, and measure it on how to communicate the results to the management and make smarter data-backed business decisions. He will work closely and cross-functionally with the managers to simplify resolution and present changes as Data Analyst to help improve the business operations and transactions.
Key responsibilities & Accountability: • Collaborates with cross-functionally departments and other analytics members to assess and reports feedback on the analyzed data.
• Collects raw and other data to work with and use script such as SQL.
• Prepares information for analysis through data flow and integration in understandable manner.
• Streamlines data for analysis and conclusions.
• Uses scripting languages such as SQL to further collects and understands data.
• Analyzes and organizes data by using presentation tools like Excel and others.
• Visualizes data insights and presents them in tables and sheets.
• Communicates the data findings to the management.
• Creates information management systems for all data capture, storage, and transformation.
• Shares best practices by presenting it in reports and analysis.
• Identifies, analyzes and solves every problem at their root, and understand the broader context.
• Analyzes, tracks, and reports budgets.
• Develops and reports market and consumer intelligence analysis.
• Conducts researches and presents qualitative and quantitative data.
• Maintains a broad understanding of the industry and engaged with the management by bringing objective voice to the reports and facilitate decisions grounded in data.
   - Education • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Biostatistics, Operations Research or any related field.
• With Master’s degree is an advantage.
   - Experience: • At least 2 years of related working experience.
• Experience with analyzing profound data.
   - Training:
Key Competencies:
Technical Competencies:  


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