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Job Ref. ID:  20105 
Job Title: Legal Affairs Manager
Division: Corporate MANAGEMENT
Work Location: UAE (RAK head office)
Job Type: Corporate Counsel - Legal Advisor
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: The job holder is responsible for the provision of legal advisory services and management of legal and contractual risks. The job holder is also in charge of overlooking the administration of the Legal Office and assisting Senior Legal Counsel in organizational and administrative matters of the Legal Office. The job holder is also called upon to interact with and advice the Company Secretary and/or the Board of Directors directly in any legal matters pertaining and/or related to the Board Affairs.
Key responsibilities & Accountability: Reviews and drafts contracts and agreements to ensure that they are in compliance with all statutory or legal requirements.
Liaise with relevant departments to ensure that where legal risks have been identified, appropriate courses of action have been taken.
Liaise and advise external lawyers regarding company requirements and litigation requirements, including preparation of documents for court cases.
Represents the company before Administrative or Judicial Bodies in the capacity of Legal Affairs Manager of the company.
Participates in pre-litigation negotiations with the management in connection with any defaulting parties.
Reviews all contracts or any other documentation where the Company has committed itself and assesses legal implications that need to be brought to the executive managementís attention.
Prepares, reviews, and modifies contractual instruments to assist and support various business activities.
Negotiates, reviews, and drafts documentation for business transactions.
Ensures that all Intellectual Property Rights of the Company are protected at law at all times.
Manages the day to day administration of the Legal Office and is responsible for the due filing, security, confidentiality and integrity of all Legal Documents.
Interacts and advice the Company Secretary and/or the Board of Directors directly in any legal matters pertaining and/or related to the Board Affairs, including preparing and drafting Board resolutions when necessary.
Generally assist the Senior Legal Counsel in all matters handled by the Legal Department as the case may be.
   - Education Qualification of Legal Professional / Lawyer
LLB undergraduate degree
   - Experience: 5 years related experience
   - Training:
   - Specialized Knowledge and Skills: Excellent written and oral communication skills for both Arabic and English.
Has an excellent understanding in financial and business acumen, and business effect of any legal decisions.
Must be proficient in legal research to ensure the compliance with the most recent rules and regulations.
Must be skilled negotiator.
Knowledgeable of Commercial Law, with a focus on International Trade Law, Intellectual Property, Company Law.
Excellent Legal Judgment Skills.
Relationship Management with Governmental Authorities and other Agencies.
Initiative and ability to provide solutions.
Drafting, Conflict Management, Negotiation
Communication Skills
Key Competencies:


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